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Introduce about Vinagum
Posted on: 13/4/2012 - Viewed: 17547

When one talks of the Vietnam Rosin Industry, one cannot but talk of Vietnam gum rosin processing JSC ( Vinagum ) the young and the largest producer of Rosin in the private sector in Vietnam.


 Established in the year 2007 with investments of over $1,000,000.00 in fixed assets located in Namcam Industrial zone , NghiLoc Distric , NgheAn province , Vietnam with the area of 40,000 square metre located under   beautiful long pine trees mountains which in the time giving its blooming oleo pine resin .

 The Vinagum have today emerged as the dominant players in the field of Gum rosin and Gum turpentine oil ( Commercial Alpha Pinene ) Resin, Foundry Resin, Ester gum, Ketonic Resin, Polyester Resin and Camphor. 

Chairman of Board of Directors - Mr. Phan Cong Quang

 The Vinagum ownes its existence and sustained growth to the chairman of board of directors  Mr. Phan Cong Quang, A pioneer in the field of Rosin and Terpene Chemicals. His vision and innovation backed by heart & willing has led to all-round steady growth with solid foundations in production and marketing of the Groups' products

Director - Mr. Nguyen Kim Tam 

 Always be side the difficults & successful of the Vinagum can not but talks to the Director Mr. Nguyen Kim Tam - The experienced engineer which more than 20 years studied & works in chemical industry .  



Bank name & address :


Jointstock Commercial Bank For Foreign Trade of Vietnam , Vinh Branch

N0.9 Nguyen Sy Sach , Vinh city , Nghe an Pro., Vietnam

Tel : 84 38 3842304 / 3844044  Fax : 84 38 3842192

Telex : 412223 VKB , VT ; Swiff : BFTVVNVX010

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Vietnam forest pine
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Hotline - 0913.543.859
Văn phòng - +84-383-588208
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Tất cả: 755,098
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Viet Nam Gum Rosin processing Joint Stock Company
Head office: A506. Tecco Tower - Quang Trung street - Vinh City - Nghe An province
Tel: +84-383-588208- Fax: +84-383-588209 - Email: gumrosin@vinagum.com.vn
Factory area: Nam Cam industrial zone, Nghi Loc district - Tel: +84-383-791557 - Cell: +84-913543859
Lisence No 2900828424 - On 08/10/2007 - Director: PHAN CONG QUANG
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