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Nghe An Tea
Posted on: 14/4/2012 - Viewed: 8266

Tea tree is a collection of leaves, so very hungry country. Water is the decisive factor to 30-40% yield of tea. Provincial average yield of tea we are very low: only reached 5.5 to 6.5 t / ha, while the yield of tea cultivation in some areas has 25-30 tons / ha. Therefore, the Resolution 02 of the provincial irrigation for upland crops was born to meet investor expectations, intensification of many households and firms

 Water model directly to tea at tea Thanh Mai XN $ 90 million, to irrigate 10 ha, average yield increased 30% as demonstrated the desperate need for water. Investment company Nghe An Tea Development has invested construction projects Slot Drain reservoirs in Yulin tea enterprises, total investment 816 million, was put into use, construction project reservoirs 30 / 4 at Phu Bai XN tea worth 928 million investment project reservoir at Khe Bui Thanh Mai water reservoirs 800 million. Water source, people cheer new investment in small mobile pumping stations for irrigation of tea to aid budget by 40%. 2005, 36 mobile pumping stations were built, each pumping station worth 10 million dong, including ignition systems, piping, pumps, tank regulator. Each small pumping stations for irrigation is from 1 to 3 hectares of tea. In 2006, farmers have invested 41 machines, total cost of 354 million, of which State supports 141 million. Many households invest synchronous pumping systems, pipe length, large tanks, over 20 million as pumping 35.3 million worth of XN Nguyen Minh Chau Lam probation, to irrigate 5 ha of tea. In general, the households of agricultural workers in the tea XN are aware of the importance of irrigation water should have been invested. However, 77 new households. Tea area of ​​population, of the total team: TNXP2, TNXP 7, TNXP 8 ... more than half the province's tea area shall not be irrigated due to capital investment for tea and difficult due to lack of resources. So even aware of the role of water, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has asserted that the tea plant to irrigate almost not there, was in the model and in the dams. The diversification of capital sources for irrigation water for tea is essential. The tea, do not borrow capital to increase fertilizer, care, planting should not think of water expertise. As a state enterprise, the company Nghe An Tea Development Tel no capital to invest in her children. The investment amounts to about 40% of tea tree / ha. Although the enrichment plant for many districts, but because of investment restrictions, efficient care to below potential.

At tea-peak seasons such as April, 5, 8, 9, the demand for labor is high tea picking, tea should be picked by quickly, are, the occasion, ensuring a shrimp and two or three leaves. The tea factories like Hanh Lam, Thanh Mai, Ngoc Lam Phu Bai and those households making more areas are lack of labor, to hire someone to do. Tea picking hand just slowly, just limit the quality of tea so the tea pickers investment machine, cut tea is a requirement that the Ministry of Agriculture set out to the provinces. DTva tea company PT Nghe An is a contract to buy six machines tea pickers, each worth $ 15 million of Japanese manufacturing. Under power, a machine would instead pick 20 employees. The machine will give back to the factory, then create conditions for people to buy the capital. At present, by people picking tea by hand so the renovation of the hill tea has not been focused, so care is limited. The introduction of mechanization in harvesting tea is very limited, affecting the yield and quality of tea. Requires a mechanism for State support from similar programs tractors, harvesters. By now, the cost of materials, raw material input spike greatly affects the ability to reinvest the tea growers, investment capital for tea growing, expanding the area no one to take care of her children , then what to mechanization?

The market for tea plantation of the province is open, stable exports from $ 4 million or more. Tea tree is a tree to remove poverty, until 2010, under Resolution Provincial Communist Party strives for 13,000 ha (7,000 ha is new). Investment capital intensive tea, in which both mechanization, farmers can not own.

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