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Gum rosin

Uses: Paper, Paint, Lobhan & Ink

      + Colour : Pale Yellow (Grade WW)
       + Acid Value MgKOH/g: 166min
       +Softening Point : 75 Deg.C Min
       + Ash Content : 0.02% Max.
        + Unsaponifiable Materials : 5% Max.
        + Alcohol Insoluble materials : 0.03% Max.


Packing : The goods shall be packed  in new galvanised iron sheet drums .
 N.WT . 225 kgs / drum .  G.WT .  229 kg/ drum . 100 drums to be put in one 20’ FCL

Shipping Mark :
Gum Rosin WW Grade
Origin Vietnam
N.WT 225 kg /Drum
G.WT 229kg/Drum

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Gum rosin
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